電話: 2699 1811   
地址:香港沙田穗禾路麗禾里3號A    香港沙田穗禾路麗禾里3號A
分區 :  沙田區
網址 :
聯絡電話 :  26991811
學校授課時間 :  全日
傳真號碼 :  26950592
學校類型 :  中學
就讀學生性別 :  男女
宗教 :  不適用


作者:   Krishank Agarwal
時間: 4 個月前
評論: It's very friendly. It is a school

作者:   KK _Love_Squishy_Slime
時間: 3 個月前
評論: Study good

作者:   Jeanie YIP
時間: 1 年前
評論: it's nice and i went there a few times before cause it is my future secondary school

作者:   Christopher Li
時間: 1 個月前
評論: This school enables its students to holistically achieve their academic and personal goals. The staff are generally talented individuals whom foster character, intelligence and compassion within those they mentor and the school provides all the necessary resources to allow students to feel safe, engaged and loved. The culture of the school promotes the efficacy of teamwork, persistence, passion, community and kindness. (The House System is a big component in the culture of this school - and for good reason). There's very little wrong with STC. The cafeteria could use some upgrading in the quality of food and the school is entirely deserving of more funding from the ESF due to its internationally leading academics. But rest assured, there is more than enough resources available to facilitate every component imaginable in a high school setting. (everything from everyday classroom equipment to funding trips across the globe). But other than that and the typical issues that plague every high school in the world, STC cultivates all the virtues an individual and their parents could possibly wish they learn. Whether it be diligence, kindness, intelligence or creativity, STC has it all. STC is a place that I cannot recommend enough. It has enriched my life in ways big and small and if you're thinking about joining this school, I know it will do the same for you too.

作者:   sherwin ip
時間: 1 個月前
評論: One of the best international school in Hong Kong.


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